Hey, I'm Shohanur Rahman Shohan

I'm a Student Freelancer Entrepreneur

I'm a Domain and Web Hosting provider with extensive experience for over 4 years.

About Me

I'm a tech enthusiast.

Hey, I'm Shohanur Rahman Shohan and I’m a tech enthusiast from Bangladesh. Who loves to learn something new at every moment. I have been working in the Domain and Web Hosting industry for more than 4 years.

A web hosting company " SatisfyHost.com " is running by me now. Also, I am working with 20+ companies as a cPanel and WHM Administrator.

I like traveling. I like to play games and watch Netflix, I like listening to music at full volume obviously with my headphones, Yeah that's all about me.

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  • hello[a]shohan.net
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  • Dhaka-1236,
  • Bangladesh.